Technology Safety

The Technology Safety project addresses how technology impacts and can enhance safety, privacy, accessibility, autonomy, justice and human rights for women, youth, and other survivors of family and domestic violence, sexual and dating violence, stalking, harassment, and abuse.

This project aims to 

  • Track, research, assess and respond to technology issues that impact women, children and all survivors of family and domestic violence, dating and sexual violence, harassment, stalking, abuse, and, other forms of violence against women.
  • Create materials and trainings that address risks and benefits for survivors as technologies evolve.
  • Work with agencies, communities and systems to increase their capacity to use technology more safely and securely in their prevention and intervention work with survivors.
  • Provide training, capacity building, policy analysis, educational materials, and other support to the Violence Against Women (VAW) sector and criminal and civil justice systems across BC. 
We thank the National Network to End Domestic Violence for allowing us to adapt their materials.
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