Letter to the Editor of the Vancouver Sun

“B.C.’s domestic violence programs based on ‘false’ theory”

We were dismayed to read claims made in Douglas Todd’s article of August 21st, which simply do not align with the mass of evidence across the globe that consistently articulates the gendered reality of violence against women and girls.

In addition to the wealth of academic research and data available from a myriad of sources from across the world, our understanding is also directly informed by workers on the front line who support survivors of domestic violence in our province.

Most acts of intimate partner violence are committed by men against women and women are at a greater risk of more severe violence and homicide. Acknowledging this gendered reality in no way diminishes the experiences and needs of any survivor of a violent relationship. There should be appropriate supports and services in place for everyone impacted by experiences of violence and abuse. The importance of challenging violence in all its forms is not well served by an “us versus them” approach. Any argument that attempts to render such a division does a disservice to all.

Joanne Baker, Ph.D.
Executive Director
BC Society of Transition Houses

Tracy Porteous, R.C.C.
Executive Director
Ending Violence Association of BC

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