Prevention of Violence Against Women Week 2017

Violence against women affects us all by impacting the safety and well-being of our mothers, grandmothers, daughters, sisters, aunts, partners and friends. In 1995 the NDP government took initiative to declare one week in April as Prevention of Violence Against Women Week (POVAWW) in British Columbia.  This decision effectively began a movement to encourage the public to express its commitment to reducing and preventing violence against women, as well as to raise awareness about the unacceptability of violence against women, youth and children in our communities.

The Prevention of Violence Against Women Week annual campaign recognizes that violence against women happens too often in BC communities and that it cannot be unspoken-about.  The initiative raises awareness for a woman’s right to live free from violence, and encourages the growth in programs that assist women who are fleeing violence. While government funding is one integral part in building the foundation of ending violence against women, we must change attitudes by engaging and partnering with men and boys in preventing violence against women.

Supporters of the BC Prevention of Violence Against Women Week believe that every women, youth and child has the right to live free from all forms of violence.

Everyone can help to end Violence Against Women. In recognition that Violence Against Women is not just a woman’s issues, the BC Society of Transition Houses has created two new powerful infographs that can be used as part of your community campaigns. Please download them from below links.

Infograph: Violence Against Women and Children in Canada Facts & Stats 2017
Infograph: CWWA 24 Hour Census 2017

Lastly, we THANK YOU for all of the incredible work you do each day to prevent and end violence against women and children.

In Solidarity,

Amy, Chandra, Hannah, Joanne, Pakka, Rasheed, Renee, Rhiannon, Sonia and Tina.

BC Society of Transition Houses

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