The links below are resources that will give you more information about Violence Against Women:

  • Am I Safe? [PDF]
  • Are You Being Abused and Need a Safe Place to Go? [PDF]
  • Are You Experiencing Abuse? [PDF]
  • Is Someone You Know Being Abused? [PDF]
  • What to take when you leave home:
    • Driver’s licence, Social Insurance Number (SIN) card, birth certificates (yours and your children’s)
    • Care Card, medications, medical records (yours and your children’s)
    • Marriage licence, custody and access papers, divorce papers, protection orders, peace bonds or restraining orders
    • Passport, Permanent Residence (PR) status card, Record of Landing (landing paper), immigration or refugee papers
    • Money, cheque book, debit and/or credit cards, bank book or bank statement
    • Lease, rental agreement, house deed
    • House keys, car keys
    • Address book, phone numbers

Safety in Rural Areas

For tips to help keep you as safe as possible when dealing with an abusive relationship in a small, rural area, click here.