Kaayla Ashlie

Project Coordinator

Kaayla (she/her) first joined BCSTH in the summer of 2021 to write the final report for the Getting Home Project and is now the Project Coordinator for the Keys to Home Project. She has a master’s in public policy and a background in gender studies and sociology. Kaayla is an experienced researcher in areas such as housing, sexual violence prevention and health. She also brings a diverse background of work experience beyond research, including her work as a legal assistant and community-based victim services support worker. She is passionate about increasing access to affordable housing and approaches her work through an intersectional feminist lens that creates holistic and compassionate solutions to challenging policy problems. Kaayla lives in Pitt Meadows with her partner and their dog, Spruce. Outside of work, Kaayla loves to hike, cook and find the perfect cup of coffee.

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