Tamara Garreau


Cariboo Friendship Society

Region 6 Cariboo

Tamara grew up in Williams Lake and has been employed with the Cariboo Friendship Society in the violence against women field since 2004. Tamara started as a relief support worker at the Chiwid Transition House and worked as a CWWA Counselor and Social Programs Supervisor. She now oversees and manages the budgets for six Social Programs including Chiwid Transition House, CWWA, Emergency Homeless Shelter, Aboriginal Mental Health and Addictions Supported Housing, Mental Health Liaison, and the Elders Circle of Care. She currently sits on the Provincial Board of Directors for Homelessness Services Association of BC and the BC Society of Transition Houses. She participates in many community groups such as Williams Lake Social Housing, ICAT, Violence Is Preventable Committee, Housing and Homelessness Committee, Community Safety Initiative, Communities That Care Key Leader and the Diabetes Advisory Team. She is very passionate and excited about what she does and is always looking for new ways to expand her knowledge and expertise.

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