1. Our primary obligation and accountability is to the women and children we serve.
  2. We will conduct ourselves with honesty, integrity and fairness.
  3. We are committed to non-violence and we will be pro-active in our dedication to the prevention and elimination of violence against women and children in all of the services we provide and all the activities in which we engage.
  4. We will ensure that outside interests do not jeopardize our judgment, independence, competence, or our role as advocates.
  5. We will maintain confidentiality of all acquired information except in cases of child abuse.
  6. We will deal with all situations of child abuse with the full knowledge of the women whenever possible.
  7. We will act in a manner so as to actively promote the safety and well-being of women and children as our first priority.
  8. We will promote the empowerment of women.
  9. We will respect and support each woman’s right to self-determination and autonomy.
  10. We will provide service without prejudice or discrimination against women and children because of social status, racial, cultural or religious beliefs, class, sexual orientation, ability, and health status.
  11. We will ensure that our own personal belief systems do not interfere with the right of women to make their own choices.
  12. We will not exploit relationships with clients or co-workers for personal gain or the gain of friends, relatives, or associates.
  13. We will be responsible for our own needs and self-care.
  14. We acknowledge and work towards alleviating the power imbalances that exist between and within boards, staff, volunteers, and the women and children we serve, and we commit to the equality of those relationships.
  15. We are committed to working from a feminist perspective that starts with our own and other women’s experience as a basis for working towards ending women’s oppression.

Approved at BCSTH Annual General Meeting June 1994