BCSTH 2023 24 Hour Census Survey Reports

A huge thank you to all of the Transition Housing and Supports Programs and PEACE Programs who participated in the 24 Hour Census on November 29-30, 2023.

We are pleased to launch the full reports for the Prevention of Violence Against Women Week 2024.

Key findings show that in just one day, 140 Transition Housing and Supports Programs and 68 PEACE Programs served 2,222 women, children and youth experiencing violence in their homes. However, a further 825 women, youth and children were unable to be served by these life-saving services during the same time period, and there were 673 children and youth on waitlists for PEACE Program services.

These numbers clearly demonstrate the lack of funding for Transition Housing and Supports Programs and PEACE Programs in BC. We call on the government to increase funding for these services to enable them to meet the needs of ALL women, youth and children who are unsafe in their homes.

Access the 2023 24 Hour PEACE Program Census Report and infographic

Access the 2023 24 Hour Women’s Transition Housing and Supports Programs Report and infographic

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