How We Support

Through training, resources, advocacy and research, the BC Society of Transition Houses supports anti-violence workers in British Columbia who deliver support services and programs for women, children and youth experiencing violence.

BCSTH does not provide frontline support services.

Please visit the Get Help Now page if you need support or a safe place to go.

Our support to BCSTH members includes:

  • Developing and delivering training, including our Annual Training Forum
  • Keeping members up-to-date on emerging provincial, national and international issues
  • Advocating on behalf of our membership to government and other stakeholders
  • Providing public education and prevention activities
  • Providing a free library of resources to members
  • Researching and publishing position papers on legal issues, policy analysis, practice guidance, and more

We approach anti-violence work through an intersectional feminist framework incorporating a critical lens to the systems of power and oppression.

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