Safety Planning

Whether you are currently experiencing violence in a relationship, thinking about leaving, or have already left, safety planning can help reduce risk.

If you are experiencing violence in a relationship, you have probably already found some ways to reduce risks for you and your children.

You are not alone. Services like crisis lines, transition houses and counselling can all help you make a safety plan.

Talking to someone with experience in creating safety plans, like a transition house, safe home, second stage house or crisis line worker, can be really helpful. They can work with you to identify what steps are best suited to your current situation and risk level.

What you choose to include in your safety plan will always be up to you.

Safety plans can be made for any situation, such as:

  • escaping a violent incident
  • needing medical help after an assault
  • living with a violent and abusive partner
  • planning to leave a violent and abusive partner
  • if you do not live with the abuser
  • when outside the home (work, school or any place you go regularly)
  • safety planning with your children
  • technology and cyber-violence

Safety planning will help you think about different options ahead of time, things like:

  • where you will go in an emergency
  • who can help you
  • planning emergency exits and transportation
  • what to take with you if you need to leave quickly, like important documents, cards and papers, keys, medications, photograph of abuser, emergency cash
  • building a “grab and go” bag
  • teaching your children about finding a safe place and how to get help
  • letting neighbours know if you want them to call police when they hear fighting
  • protecting information on your cell phone and online
  • developing resources, like a bank account in your own name

If you need help and a safe place to go, click here for a complete list of Transition Houses and Safe Homes in BC.

If you are in immediate danger,
call your local police
or dial 9-1-1

Safety Check!

If you think someone is monitoring your devices, visit this webpage from a computer, tablet or smartphone that isn’t being monitored.

EXIT NOW from this website and delete it from your browser history.

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