Chapter 2: Strategies For Supporting Mothers

This chapter shares specific strategies, techniques, and resources for working with mothers of children and youth enrolled in the PEACE Program. It is recommended that PEACE Program counsellors familiarize themselves with Section 6 of the PEACE Program Toolkit: Working with Parents (pp. 253-272) as a foundational resource for the topics expanded upon here.

“PEACE Program counsellors should keep in mind that it can be difficult, and not particularly helpful, to engage mothers in the difficult emotional work related to parenting after violence when they are pressed with other concerns that need priority. However, when mothers are settled and safe, parenting education and support groups support a mother’s improved ability to cope with the demands of her parenting.”

(PEACE Program Toolkit p. 257)

Chapter Overview

a) Nourishing Mothers from a Strength-Based Approach

I.  What is a Strength-Based Approach?

II. Strategies for Implementing a Strength-Based Approach

III.  Strength-Based Resources for PEACE Program Counsellors

IV.  Strength-Based Resources for Mothers

b)  Strategies for Mothers Navigating Difficult Behaviours

I.  Positive Discipline Strategies

II.  Techniques for Supporting Reconnection and Repair in Mother-Child Relationships

III.  Additional Resources for Mothers

c)  Tips for Reviewing Safety Planning with Mothers

I. Safety Planning Resources for PEACE Program Counsellors

d)  Strategies for Sharing Groups with Mothers

I.   Group Structure Considerations

II.  Sample Mothers’ Group Timelines

III.  Tips to Increase Group Attendance

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