Digital Services Toolkit

What Are Digital Services?

“Digital services” describes the use of technology-based tools such as online chat and text messaging, video calls and communications, and mobile phones and devices to provide support services to program participants of anti-violence programs. Many anti-violence programs have already been considering how to expand their digital support services to supplement in-person and hotline support services and the COVID-19 outbreak has hastened that review. The resources below are for anti-violence programs that offer support for women, children and youth experiencing domestic violence.

The information in this toolkit has been adapted for Canada, specifically, British Columbia, from and in cooperation with the Safety Net Technology Project at the National Network to End Domestic Violence, United States.


Using Technology to Support Program Participants During Public Health Crises & the COVID-19 Pandemic

Assessing Readiness

Programs should assess their current readiness to provide digital services and develop policies and procedures that will ensure effective services that are centered on informed consent and the safety and privacy of women, children and youth. This worksheet and the following resources will assist with this assessment.

Choosing Technology

In choosing a digital services platform, programs should consider which type of digital tool is best suited to the support services your program provides and how using that platform may enhance your support services and ensure the safety and privacy of the employees and the program participants.  This vendor checklist will help your program to compare the many vendors that exist in Canada and elsewhere and choose one that suits your program. A trial period with the selected vendor will help to ensure that it is the right fit for your program.

Promising Practices for Digital Service Delivery

These guides inform the use of digital tools to ensure the safety and privacy of the program participants and employees.

Agency Use of Technology Policy Template Guides

The following BCSTH templates are designed for anti-violence programs to use and adapt to develop their own set of policies.

Resources for Women Experiencing Violence

Additional Resources


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