Brooke Belkin

Director (Region 4 Kootenays)

Brooke is the Director of Women and Youth Services for the Canadian Mental Health Association for the Kootenays. She has been an advocate for women services in the Kootenays for many years, with particular interest in expanding awareness throughout rural communities in the Kootenays. This position allows her to work both in the frontline spectrum as well as sitting on a senior management team. She works closely with the frontline staff at the Transition House, 2nd Stage Housing, PEACE, Women’s Outreach, and two other youth programs offered in the Cranbrook area. Brooke also believes strongly in community partnerships and collaboration and tries to work with different resources in the area to ensure women are provided with timely, empathetic and professional support. Brooke also sits on ICAT and Community Coordination for Safety in Relationships, which allows her to bring more awareness to the communities.

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