Keerti Nand

Director (Region 2 Vancouver Lower Mainland)

Keerti is a Manager of counselling services at Burnaby Family Life. She resides in Vancouver, BC and has been working in the social services field for 15 years. During her years of service, Keerti worked with individuals and families to enrich their wellbeing by providing services for advocacy, mental health resources, financial aid, housing, and employment. After years of working with vulnerable individuals with traumatic life experiences and intersectional oppression, Keerti decided to pursue higher learning to gain further competence and awareness in mental health and social justice. Keerti pursued a masters in counselling and started her own private practice to provide service to individuals who are exploring their understanding of poly-victimization and working on re-building their sense of empowerment. During the pandemic, there was an increase in reports regarding victimization, intersectional abuse and gender-based violence. Keerti worked at SARA for Women as a clinical counsellor to manage the surge of increase in crisis calls and counselling. To further influence and implement changes in counselling services, Keerti joined Burnaby Family Life as a manager of counselling services to improve their service delivery for their gender-based violence program, and the support they provide to families.

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