Rhiannon Wong

Technology Safety Project Lead

*Currently on secondment as Project Manager, Technology Safety Canada Project, Women’s Shelters Canada (WSC)*

Rhiannon joined BCSTH in 2007 and has had many roles – the Children and Youth Services Coordinator for 8 years, the Technology Safety Project Lead and now on a secondment as a Project Manager at the new Women’s Shelters Canada Technology Safety Canada Project. The  WSC Project will equip shelter workers with the knowledge and resources they need to support women and girls with their experiences of Technology Facilitated Gender Based Violence (TFGBV) by scaling up BCSTH’s existing Technology Safety Project.  This project will also accelerate systemic change through partnerships with telecommunication companies to address tech safety for women. This work will draw on the experience of partners from WESNET Australia and the National Network to End Domestic Violence in the United States. 

Rhiannon is committed to raise awareness about technology facilitated violence and the intersections of empowerment, safety of women and children, confidentiality and privacy. Rhiannon is grateful for the opportunity to learn from the wisdom of women and children with lived experience, anti-violence workers, project partners and inspirational colleagues who continue to influence her work. During her secondment, Rhiannon can be reached at rwong@endvaw.ca .

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