Tina Daye

Board Chair (Region 7 North)

Tina is a PEACE and STV Outreach worker at the Northern Society for Domestic Peace in Smithers, BC. She has been working in the domestic violence sector for 27 years, including 16 years in the PEACE program and 4 years on the BCSTH board. Tina is passionate about working with children and youth and empowering them to have a voice. She is currently focussed on collaborating with coworkers to expand the CA.M.P project, which focuses on sexual assault and harassment in the work place for camp settings (ie. tree-planters, fire fighters). She is also involved in other projects such as collaboration with community partners to set up a safe space for LBGTQS+ youth in the community and helping set up a sexual assault team for our area. When she is not at work, you can find her on a lake on her kayak, hiking with her dog or planning a local music festival.

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