Cedar Blankets

Project Details

Cedar Blankets: Building Wraparound Supports & Reducing Barriers for Indigenous Women and Children to Transition Houses and Safe Homes is a 5-year project funded by Women and Gender Equality Canada is aimed at reducing barriers for Indigenous women and their children accessing transition houses and safe homes.

Informed by the lessons learned through BCSTH’s Increasing Access for Aboriginal Women, Cedar Blankets will assist transition houses and safe homes to develop culturally safe spaces and practices. Through a women and children, centred framework Cedar Blanket’s wraparound service delivery model supports Indigenous women and children and promotes meaningful stays at the houses for the healing for Indigenous gender based violence survivors.

Some of the highlights of Cedar Blankets are

  • Adapting the Centering Women service delivery model to the unique needs of the member program including an individualized implementation plan
  • Face to face and online training including Increasing Access for Aboriginal Women, cultural humility and creating safe spaces
  • Local community engagement and network building
  • Positioning programs as allies and decolonization in GBV and anti-violence sector
  • Navigating shifting local, regional, Provincial, and National landscapes

Click here to view our webinar “Cedar Blankets and Providing Support During Pandemic Times”

Click here to access Increasing Access for Aboriginal Women online training

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