Silent & Invisible: What’s Age Got to Do With It? Final Report

|Disablity, Immigrants, LGBTQ, Older Women, Refugees, Women

olderwomenfinalThis final report of the Older Women project reviews the activities and material developed for the Specialized Training and Educational Materials Component of the project Silent and Invisible: What’s Age Got to Do With It? The work was intended to improve inter-provincial cooperation through collaborative educational activities between Education Wife Assault (EWA) in Toronto and the BC/Yukon Society of Transition Houses (BCYSTH) in British Columbia.

This included enhancing the training curriculum for frontline workers in the anti-violence field to improve contents on immigrant and refugee women, lesbian women, women with disability and deaf women, through consultation with diverse communities; adding information to the curriculum on provincial and territorial legislation and public policy relating to protection of older adults and violence against women; translating the booklet Are You Afraid In Your Own Home: An Information Booklet for Older Women into six languages; and more.

Final Report Silent & Invisible: What’s Age Got To Do With It? Component 2 – Extension Specialized Training and Educational Materials. By M.J. (Greta) Smith and Jill Hightower, December 2005. Financial support from The Government of Canada, National Crime Prevention Strategy, Community Mobilization Program.

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