Safety & Privacy on Twitter: A guide for survivors of harassment and abuse


The Internet and social media are changing the way people connect and share with one another. This is creating more experiences and opportunities throughout society — from seeing live events unfold to sharing a special moment with family and friends around the world. The same social media platforms however carry unique challenges for staying safe and free from harm, especially for survivors of domestic violence.

The National Network to End Domestic Violence’s Safety Net Team (NNEDV) and Twitter have teamed up to provide tips on how to stay safe and secure while using Twitter. This guide will explore privacy options and help you find the best ways to respond and communicate with Twitter if abuse or harassment is happening.

If it is safe to do so, please download this guide to learn more about safety and privacy on Twitter.


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Safety Check!

If you think someone is monitoring your devices, visit this webpage from a computer, tablet or smartphone that isn’t being monitored.

EXIT NOW from this website and delete it from your browser history.

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