Launch of the National Action Plan Final Report: What will it take to achieve a Canada free of gender-based violence?

Today, the Women’s Shelters Canada (WSC) launched A Report to Guide the Implementation of a National Action Plan on Violence Against Women and Gender-Based Violence.

The report is the result of intense strategic engagement and analysis that took place over three months in early 2021 with anti-violence experts from across Canada representing 1000 person-years of experience and knowledge. At the end of 2020, WSC was asked and funded by the Department of Women and Gender Equality (WAGE) to engage experts to develop a strategic framework for the National Action Plan (NAP). The report includes 100 recommendations covering everything from ensuring access to clean drinking water to reallocating police spending and bolstering data collection.

With this report, governments at all levels now have the definitive answer to the question: What will it take to achieve a Canada free of gender-based violence?

Key Takeaways

For the NAP to be successful, it requires:

  • independent oversight and evaluation
  • billions in investment, not millions
  • an all-of-government approach
  • cooperation and coordination between federal and provincial/territorial governments
  • voices and experiences of people most affected at the centre
    • people living in rural and remote areas, Indigenous people, Black people, people with disabilities, racialized people, non-binary and trans people, LGBTQI2S+ people, and migrant people
  • systemic solutions for systemic problems
  • minimum 10 years horizon

For more information  including the executive summary, videos and infographics, please visit

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