“You are not alone” Multi-language Outreach Campaign

BC Society of Transition Houses is excited to announce the launch of Building Supports project‘s multi-language outreach campaign, “You are not alone.” 

The “You are not alone” campaign informs immigrant and refugee women about Transition Houses.  Transition Houses offer free support and shelter for women and children who are experiencing violence.

This February and March of 2017, you may spot “You are not alone” posters in buses, bus shelters and in women’s washrooms across BC.

Video and radio Public Service Announcements will be broadcast on your local TV and radio stations.

For more information about the Building Supports “You are not alone” campaign and how to access a Transition House please visit our website www.bcsth.ca/youarenotalone

This campaign was made possible with generous support from Vancouver Foundation, City of Vancouver, Lamar Transit Advertising, Health Sciences Association, NewAd, Omni TVShaw TV, Nota Arabia RadioRadio CBS and Vancouver Cooperative Radio.

Special thank you to volunteer actors, translators and Hello Cool World.

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