Library FAQs

Where is the library located? Do I need to visit it to borrow materials?

The library is located at the BCSTH office in Vancouver. We send library resource loans to you by mail, and our BCSTH Library Catalogue contains many links to online resources that anyone can access.

BCSTH covers all mailing costs and uses the Canada Post Library Materials Rate. To make a request, email us or visit the How To Use page on our site for more details.

Is there a cost for using the BCSTH Library?

No, BCSTH covers all postage costs and membership is free. Find out more information on how to request and return resources on our How to Use page.

Does the Library Catalogue have online resources I can link to?

Yes. When you search the BCSTH Library Catalogue, you will find online as well as hard copy resources. You can link directly to an online resource from the catalogue record. Some resources are available in both online and hard copy versions.

Can anyone who works for a BCSTH member organization borrow?

Yes. Your Executive Director or Program Manager must be aware that you are borrowing and agree that your organization will take responsibility for lost or damaged materials. This includes staff, volunteers and board members. Find out more on the Getting Started section of our site.

How long will it take to get my library books?

If materials are in the library when your request is made, you can usually expect them to arrive in the mail within a week or two. If the materials are on loan when your request is made, we will place a hold on them for you and they will be sent once they are available.

How long is the loan period? Can I keep books for longer?

Library resources may be borrowed for 6 weeks. If there is a waiting list, the loan period is 4 weeks. Resources may be renewed by email if there is no waiting list.

What do I do if I lose my return label?

Email the library to let us know that you need a replacement return label. If you have the original mailing label, telling us the weight of the parcel is helpful. Otherwise, let us know what items you’d like to return and we’ll send an appropriate replacement label.

Can people who don’t work for BCSTH member organizations use library materials?

Anyone can use the Library Catalogue to find links to online resources. Libraries in BC may email, fax, or phone us to request inter-library book loans from our collection. If you are a non-member and would like to borrow items from BCSTH, please visit your local library to request an inter-library loan.

Do all your materials reflect the thinking of BCSTH? What is in the Library?

Library resources represent many opinions and not necessarily those of BCSTH. We are guided by a collection development policy when deciding what resources to add. We focus on practical materials that anti-violence workers can use to directly support, and develop programs for, the women, children and youth they serve, and for their ongoing professional development. 

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