Violence Is Preventable (VIP) is a free, confidential, school-based violence prevention program for students in grades K-12.

VIP presentations are delivered by PEACE counsellors. Presentations increase awareness of the effects that domestic violence has on students while connecting those experiencing violence to PEACE Program counselling.

VIP curriculum reflects the core competencies outlined by the BC Ministry of Education.

Program Details

VIP programs:

  • Increase awareness and knowledge of the effects that violence has on children and youth
  • Challenge and change attitudes about the silence and misperceptions about violence against women
  • Facilitate partnerships between schools and communities to respond to the emotional, social, academic, and psychological needs of children exposed to domestic violence
  • Support educators, counselors and administrators increasing effective, sustainable support services for children and youth in schools

Learn more about the VIP Program by watching this short video here, which was designed to support VIP Sites when reaching out to schools, educators, PACS, and school districts about the VIP Program.

About VIP

VIP Resources for Students

VIP Resources for PEACE Counsellors and Educators

2020-2021 Violence is Preventable (VIP) Webinar Training Series

In 2020-2021, BCSTH developed and delivered an 8-part webinar series to support VIP sites. Webinars focused on supporting VIP Programs in schools, considerations for delivering the VIP program remotely during COVID-19, tips and strategies for delivering VIP curriculum topics to different age groups, and working with marginalized communities. To access the webinar recordings, click here.

Violence is Preventable (VIP) Online Training

Violence is Preventable is a self-directed online course focusing on violence prevention in the context of gender-based violence in Canada, including our society’s thoughts about children and youth’s experience of violence against their mothers, and how prevention activities can help.

This project launched in 2004 and is currently made possible through funding from the Ministry of Public Safety and Solicitor General.

Click here to find a VIP site near you.

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