Reducing Barriers to Support for Women Fleeing Violence: A Toolkit for Supporting Women with Varying Levels of Mental Wellness and Substance Use

|Mental Health & Addictions, Women
|Best Practice, Toolkit

reducingbarrierstoolkitThis toolkit provides Transitional Housing programs, and other service providers that support women, with tools to effectively provide services to women fleeing violence who have varying levels of mental wellness and/or substance use. In developing this Promising Practices toolkit we have drawn on the current policies, procedures and practices of BCSTH Members and non-BCSTH Members in BC; reviewed practices in Canada and internationally; and consulted with low barrier service providers and with women about what changes we might advocate for, and make.

Copyright © BC Society of Transition Houses 2011 Permission is granted to download and print copies of this toolkit for educational purposes. Any other use of this material requires the prior written permission of the BC Society of Transition Houses. ISBN 978-0-9689694-6-5  By Funded by Status of Women Canada.

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