Silent & Invisible: What’s Age Got to do With It? A Handbook for Service Providers Working with Abused Older Women

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silenthandbookThis handbook is for service providers working with abused older women in British Columbia and Yukon. It includes information about ageing, violence and abuse in later life, and special issues for older immigrant women, same-sex partners, women with disabilities, and First Nations women. It gives suggestions for support and advocacy, including counselling older women and barriers faced by older women. Providing refuge, safety and support includes making the shelter welcoming for older women, providing anti-violence programming, safety planning, and community outreach. It concludes with provincial and federal legislation.

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Silent and Invisible: What’s Age Got To Do With It? A Handbook for Service Providers on Working with Abused Older Women in British Columbia and Yukon  © Jill Hightower and M.J. (Greta) Smith, 2002. ISBN: 0-9689694-2-9

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