A PEACE Program Project

Project Details

Since 2004, PEACE Programs have been partnering with educators of grades K through 12 in schools in their community to increase awareness about domestic violence and the impact domestic violence has on children and youth. In classrooms, PEACE Programs are faced with questions about experiences of sexual violence happening to girls in BC schools and the community.

As an extension of the Violence Is Preventable Program, in 2017-2018 30 PEACE programs piloted the BELIEVE project for one year as a coordinated provincial response to sexual violence in BC schools. This project was funded by a Civil Forfeiture Grant distributed by the Ministry of Public Safety and Solicitor General.

Through presentations in schools, this project is focused on helping students in grades 6-8 understand healthy relationships and sexual violence specifically on topics such as consent, sexting, sexual harassment and how one can access support.

You can access the BELIEVE Project materials here:

BELIEVE Project Presentation

Please email for the full version of the PowerPoint presentation

BELIEVE Tip Sheets

Sample Letters

Evaluation Forms

Further Resources

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