Supporting Teens Experiencing Digital Dating Violence

Toolkit Background

As technology evolves and becomes more prevalent in our daily lives, it is important to understand the impacts of teen digital dating violence and the resources available for teens, caregivers and anti-violence workers. This resource is for caregivers and anti-violence workers.

Digital Dating Violence means physical, sexual, or psychological/emotional violence that occurs between dating partners by texting, social media, and related online mediums. This term is also known as, and will be used interchangeably with, technology-facilitated violence throughout this report.

For anti-violence workers, experiences of digital dating violence may be disclosed during support and safety planning sessions. It can also be disclosed as part of violence prevention presentations (such as BCSTH’s Violence Is Preventable), referrals from schools and other community programs and when engaging in community outreach. This toolkit provides anti-violence workers and caregivers supporting teens through their experiences of digital dating violence with information, tips, handouts and resources.

Word of Caution: Some of documents in this Toolkit are available as read only documents on the BCSTH website with the option to download the PDF version of each handout. However, if you are reading this Toolkit on an “unsafe” computer, laptop or device, do not download the PDF versions as they may automatically save in your download folder. Some documents will download automatically when you click on the hyperlink in these documents and save a copy in an “unsafe” technological device would be one that you suspect is being monitored by the abuser.

What is Teen Digital Dating Violence?

Supporting Teens: Tools for Anti-Violence Workers

Technology safety planning should always be done in tandem with a more traditional safety planning. Online violence and offline violence are interconnected and it is important to consider the non-technology related risks that may be associated with technology-safety planning. This section offers anti-violence workers suggestions on how to support teens experiencing digital dating violence as well as safer use of technology suggestions and a tech safety planning checklist to incorporate into safety plans.

Teen Digital Dating Violence: Information for Caregivers

Being a parent or caregiver of someone in an abusive dating relationship is hard.  Add technology abuse to your teen’s situation and this can heighten fear and frustration especially if we are unfamiliar with technology.  This section aims to provide helpful information to caregivers supporting their teens through digital dating violence.

Specific Resources

Legal Remedies for Teen Digital Violence

The information sheets provided here are designed to help better understand the legal causes of action related to experiences of Teen Digital Dating Violence. The resources here provide general legal information. Legal advice or representation must come from a lawyer who can advise you whether you should do something in a lawsuit or whether you should take certain actions in a court matter.

Additional Recommended Resources

This section provides additional resources that may be helpful experiences of Teen Digital Dating Violence.

Funding for this toolkit is provided by the Civil Forfeiture Office of the Ministry of Public Safety and Solicitor General (MPSSG).

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